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by Riccardo Romboli, Giulio Valli, Nico di Lalla


Max is a young freelance reporter who is entrusted with the most important scoop of his career: a set of interviews with the Young Turks, a well known anarchic ring rather active in the capital city. In order to fulfill his job, the reporter uses a special camera hidden in his glasses which allows him to film whatever he sees, risking to lose himself in his obsessions. What Max can’t foresee is that his own life is going to become the subject of a strongly controversial documentary.

original title: CUT
country: Italy
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Riccardo Romboli, Giulio Valli, Nico di Lalla
film run: 78'
screenplay: Nico di Lalla, Riccardo Romboli, Giulio Valli
cast: Federico Palmieri, Alessandro Vantini, Philippe Guastella, Emanuele Gabrieli, Riccardo Petrozzi, Marika Murri, Martina Gatto, Claudia Ionescu, Silvia Valentini
cinematography by: Stefano de Matteis
film editing: Giulio Valli, Riccardo Romboli, Alessio Franco
art director: Francesca Lallement
music: Riccardo Romboli, Alessandro di Meo
producer: Giulio Valli
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