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by Pablo Fendrik


The story of a mysterious man who emerges from the Argentinean rainforest to rescue the kidnapped daughter of a poor farmer after mercenaries murder her father and take over his property.

international title: The Ardor
original title: El Ardor
country: Argentina, Brazil, France, United States
sales agent: BAC Films
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Pablo Fendrik
film run: 100'
release date: ES 4/12/2015
screenplay: Pablo Fendrik
cast: Alice Braga, Gael García Bernal, Jorge Sesán, Claudio Tolcachir, Iván Steinhardt
cinematography by: Julian Apezteguía
film editing: Leandro Aste
producer: Juan Pablo Gugliotta, Nathalia Videla Pena, Philippe Gompel, Birgit Kemner, Vania Catani
production: Manny Films, Magma Cine/Argentina, Bananeira Filmes/Brasil
backing: INCAA, CNC Cinema du Monde, Canana Films/Mexico, Participant Media/US
distributor: BAC Films
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