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by Laurent Bécue-Renard


Anger consumes a squad of combat vets years after they return from the front. The dozen warriors in Of Men and War come home to the United States, but their minds are stuck out on the battlefield. Like figures from a Greek tragedy, all have traumatic memories that haunt them to this day. Ghosts and echoes of the war fill their lives. Wives, children, and parents bear the brunt of their fractured spirits. At The Pathway Home, a pioneering PTSD therapy center, the protagonists resolve to end the ongoing destruction. Their therapist is a Vietnam vet himself, helping the boys forge meaning from their senseless trauma. Over years of therapy, Of Men and War explores their grueling paths to recovery, as they attempt to make peace with themselves, their past, and their families.

international title: Of Men and War
original title: Of Men and War
country: France
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Laurent Bécue-Renard
film run: 142'
cinematography by: Camille Cottagnoud
film editing: Sophie Brunet, Isidore Bethel, Charlotte Boigeol
producer: Laurent Bécue-Renard
production: Alice Films
distributor: Why Not Distribution
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