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by Giulio Cingoli


Based on a play by Dario Fo, this parable about the evolution of Western civilisation is set in 1550. Our hero is Johan, a curious young man who spends his life travelling between Venice and Seville. After a gypsy woman Johan met in Venice is accused of witchcraft, he is forced to travell to the Americas where he meets the Indio population. They teach him the importance of their beliefs while Johan teaches them to fight the Conquistadores.

original title: Johan Padan a la descoverta de le americhe
country: Italy
year: 2002
genre: animation
directed by: Giulio Cingoli
film run: 83'
release date: IT 04/10/2002
screenplay: Giulio Cingoli, Dario Fo, Lorenza Cingoli, Luca Raffaelli
cast: voci di Dario Fo e Rosario Fiorello
film editing: Darko Debelic
music: Fabrizio Baldoni, Gino De Stefani, Paolo Re
producer: Luciano Beretta, Maurizio Manni
production: Progetto Immagine, Green Movie Group
backing: Direzione generale Cinema e audiovisivo del Ministero della Cultura DGCA-MIC (MiBACT)
distributor: Mikado
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