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by Juan Madrid


Abdul Kader Torres, son of the former Political Social Brigade commissioner Ricardo Torres and of the beautiful Tangiers-born Fatima, has just arrived in Madrid to take care of his father's debt recovery agency, Ejecutivas Tánger. Neither too clean nor too above-board, Abdul nevertheless accepts to take charge of the business. When it comes down to it he's a loser and there's nothing for him in his native Tangiers. He also, during the long years of his childhood, cherished an impossible dream: he's always wanted his father to love him and take him to be with him in Spain.

international title: TANGIER
original title: TÁNGER
country: Spain
year: 2003
genre: fiction
directed by: Juan Madrid
film run: 100'
screenplay: Juan Madrid
cast: Jorge Perugorria, Ana Fernández, José Manuel Cervino, Carlos Hipólito, Fele Mártinez, Elsa Pataky, Inma del Moral
cinematography by: Federico Ribes
film editing: Miguel A. Santamaría
art director: Sara Rosember
music: Jesús Gluck
producer: Isidro F. Requena, Andreu Cantero
production: World Ficcion, Abaco Movies
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