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by Elisabetta Sgarbi


Il pesce siluro è innocente (The wels catfish is innocent) Two experienced eel fishermen in the inlet of Goro; a young woman and a man gathering clams and mussels; a fisherman running a fish farm who makes a show of himself along the river channels. Lives that unfurl along the Po river, following its pace and its seasons, respectful and timorous, enamoured of the river. But something has been irremediably lost. Per soli uomini (For men only) Along the Po di Maistra, in the extreme regions of the Po Delta, at Cà Pisani in one of the valleys created by the mouth of the River, three men live on a fish farm: Gabriele, the owner; Claudio “Sgalambra”; Giorgio “Bertinotti”. The valley is a world apart, an ecosystem kept alive by the water flowing through it and the obsessive monitoring of these valley men, always in motion, vague but observant walkers along the river.

original title: Due volte delta
country: Italy
year: 2014
genre: documentary
directed by: Elisabetta Sgarbi
film run: 144'
screenplay: Elisabetta Sgarbi, Eugenio Lio
cinematography by: Andrès Arce Maldonado, Elio Bisignani
film editing: Elisabetta Sgarbi, Andrès Arce Maldonado
costumes designer: Betty Fiore
music: Franco Battiato
production: Betty Wrong, RAI Cinema
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