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by Patrick Mario Bernard, Xavier Brillat, Pierre Trividic


René is an artist. His studio is set up in a former nightclub that is now closed down. He lives and works there with his friend. All goes well, and yet not as well as all that. René believes he’s caught something. He doesn’t really feel sick, but he’s doesn’t feel absorbed by the world around him. Why do things that enter his mind no longer want to leave it? One of them is this photo of two strange clowns that he cut out of a magazine.
Nothing he does makes him feel better. Work offers no relief, neither do other forms of distraction. He starts to become fixated. Each day, René is more obsessed by imperceptible signs that reason tell him to reject. Then one fine day, everything shifts on its axis, for René comes face to face with his double.

original title: Dancing
country: France
year: 2003
genre: fiction
directed by: Patrick Mario Bernard, Xavier Brillat, Pierre Trividic
film run: 93'
release date: FR 30/04/2003
screenplay: Pierre Trividic, Patrick Mario Bernard
cast: Patrick Mario Bernard, Pierre Trividic, Peter Bonke, Jean-Yves Jouannais, Bernard Binet, Carine Ruszniewski, Véronique Bayer, Fabienne Le Sager
cinematography by: Xavier Brillat, Emmanuel Caula
film editing: Stéphane Huter, Christine Maffre
art director: Patrick Mario Bernard, Florence Vax
costumes designer: Patrick Mario Bernard, Florence Vax
music: Gérard Grisey
production: Agat Films & Cie / Ex Nihilo, ARTE France Cinéma, Mikros Image (FR)
distributor: Swift
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