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by Bence Miklauzič


Three people. One city. A long night. Sándor is in his mid-forties. After getting the sack he decides to leave everything behind, and travel to the Adriatic Sea in the trailer he had made with his own hands. Anna makes her living from advertising cigarettes. Tonight though, she needs to get a lot of money for her friend. Bandi works as an electrician in a factory. On this particular evening he gets an electric shock. He survives it but something in him changes.

international title: Sleepwalkers
original title: Ébrenjárók
country: Hungary
sales agent: Hunnia Filmstúdió
year: 2002
genre: fiction
directed by: Bence Miklauzič
film run: 107'
release date: HU 05/09/2002
screenplay: Balázs Maruszki, Bence Miklauzič
cast: György Gazsó
cinematography by: Márton Miklauzi
film editing: Béla Barsi
art director: Péter Enyvvár
costumes designer: János Breckl
music: Ádám Jávorka
producer: Sándor Simó
production: Hunnia Filmstúdió, Magyar Filmunió, Chaplin Film Kft., MKA, MMK, ORTT, Magyar Történelmi Filmalapítvány
distributor: Budapest Film
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