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by Jeppe Rønde


“Bridgend” follows Sara and her dad, Dave as they arrive to a small village in Bridgend County. The village is haunted by suicides amongst its young inhabitants, and Sara falls dangerously in love with one of the teenagers, Jamie while Dave as the town's new policeman tries to stop the mysterious chain of suicides. The film is an uncompromising story focused on the relationship between vulnerable teenagers and their parents who are left in the dark as the inexplicable suicides gradually take on the character of a punishing ritual.

original title: Bridgend
country: Denmark
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Jeppe Rønde
film run: 95'
release date: DE 10/12/2015
screenplay: Jeppe Rønde, Torben Bech, Peter Asmussen
cinematography by: Magnus Nordenhof Jønck
film editing: Olivier Bugge Coutté
producer: Hernán Musaluppi, Malene Blenkov
production: Blenkov & Schønnemann Pictures
backing: DFI (Danish Film Institute) + New Danish Screen
distributor: Eksystent
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