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by Akram Zaatari


The song ‘Fil bahr’ (At Sea) extols the moon in twenty-eight different ways before finally making its point about the fleeting nature of love at the end. Different variations on one and the same thing, each an original: 28 Nights and A Poem is an interpretation of the archive of the Scheherazade photo studio. Photographer Hashem el Madani opened the studio in 1953 in the Lebanese city of Saïda after spending years photographing people in front of their shops, in public squares or at the beach to satisfy their wish to appear before the camera. Some of the poses he captured on film were adopted by those who saw the photographs and subsequently took on a life of their own. 

international title: Twenty-Eight Nights and A Poem
original title: Thamaniat wa ushrun laylan wa bayt min al-sheir
country: Lebanon, France
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Akram Zaatari
film run: 120'
screenplay: Jowe Harfouche
cinematography by: Akram Zaatari, Bassem Fayad, Mark Khalifeh
film editing: Carine Basha
music: Nadim Meshlawi
producer: Akram Zaatari
production: Akram Zaatari
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