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by Dominique Farrugia


Éric and Patrice have been friends since high school. Over the years, they have both taken very different paths: Éric has become a hedonist, has a string of girlfriends and is always on the look out for a new once; Patrice has become a monogamous father with a very ordered life. After a drunken evening, the two childhood friends find themselves cast back into 1986, when they were 17 years old. This return to the past is a dream opportunity to try to change the path their lives will take. What will they do with this second chance?

international title: Bis
original title: Bis
country: France
sales agent: EuropaCorp
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Dominique Farrugia
film run: 98'
release date: FR 18/02/2015
screenplay: Dominique Farrugia, Nans Delgado, Frédéric Hazan
cast: Franck Dubosc, Kad Merad, Alexandra Lamy, Gérard Darmon, Julien Boisselier
cinematography by: Rémy Chevrin
film editing: Frédérique Olszak
art director: Etienne Mery
costumes designer: Emmanuelle Youchnovski
music: Julien Jaouen
production: FEW (Farrudgia Entertainment Worlwide) - Barbés Films Compagnie, EuropaCorp
distributor: EuropaCorp Distribution
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