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by Pietro Parolin


The story of Gualtiero, a rich man, a Daddy’s boy , very spoilt but also very fun. The financial crisis leads him to banckruptcy and he has to cope with the new situation. He doesn’t give up and uses any mean, conventional and not, to keep his previous life style.

international title: A Holy Venetian Family
original title: Leoni
country: Italy
sales agent: Coccinelle Film Sales
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Pietro Parolin
film run: 90'
release date: IT 05/02/2015
screenplay: Pietro Parolin
cast: Neri Marcorè, Stefano Pesce, Piera Degli Esposti, Anna Dalton, Antonio Pennarella, Paolo Bessegato, Pierpaolo Spollon, Andrea Pennacchi
cinematography by: Luca Coassin
film editing: Davide Vizzini
art director: Mauro Vanzati
costumes designer: Mary Montalto
music: Lorenzo Tomio
production: CSC - Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia Production
distributor: Bolero Film
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