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by Yann Arthus-Bertrand


Through accounts full of love and happiness, but also of hatred and violence, Human confronts us with the Other and makes us think about our own lives. From the smallest, ordinary story to the most extraordinary life stories possible, these poignant encounters, of a rare sincerity, throw a spotlight on who we are, on our darkest side, but also on what is most beautiful and most universal about us. The Earth is captured through startling aerial images accompanied by an operatic soundtrack, which renders the world's beauty and offers us moments to catch our breaths and to inwardly reflect. Human is an activist film which allows us to embrace the human condition and to reflect on the very meaning of our existence.

international title: Human
original title: Human
country: France
year: 2015
genre: documentary
directed by: Yann Arthus-Bertrand
film run: 188'
release date: FR 12/09/2015
film editing: Françoise Bernard, Anne-Marie Sangla
music: Armand Amar
producer: Florent Gilard
production: Humankind Production
distributor: Paname Distribution, Humankind Production
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