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by Til Schweiger


Before Tilda's parents can put her beloved grandfather in an old people's home due to his progressing Alzheimer disease, she takes him on one last adventure that subliminally threatens to tear her family apart.

international title: Head Full of Honey
original title: Honig im Kopf
country: Germany
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Til Schweiger
film run: 139'
release date: DE 25/12/2014, AT 26/12/2014
screenplay: Hilly Martinek, Til Schweiger
cast: Til Schweiger, Emma Schweiger, Dieter Hallervorden, Jeanette Hain, Jan Josef Liefers
cinematography by: Martin Schlecht
film editing: Constantin von Seld
costumes designer: Metin Misdik
music: Dirk Reichardt, Martin Todsharow
producer: Til Schweiger, Thomas Zickler
co-producer: Stefan Gärtner
production: Barefoot Films, Warner Bros Entertainment Germany
backing: BLS Film Commission Alto Adige, FFHSH
distributor: Warner Bros Entertainment Germany
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