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by Antonio Capuano


Three chapters. Three generations. Giggino always running around, restaurant poet, small street thief. 50 years old. His father Antonio, a pensioner from Italsider and nostalgic of the old factory days and what represented. Expert and promulgator of Maradona’s deeds. 80 years old, maybe more. Finally, Marco, a deli shop boy, chasing a future but not knowing how. 18 years old. Around them a jungle of a very populated neighborhood, Bagnoli, in a great city, Naples. Where purpose was lost and a new one was not yet found.

international title: Napoli Jungle
original title: Bagnoli Jungle
country: Italy
sales agent: TVCO
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Antonio Capuano
film run: 100'
screenplay: Antonio Capuano
cast: Antonio Casagrande, Luigi Attrice, Marco Grieco, Olena Kravtskova, Sarahnaomi Attanasio, Angela Pagano, Gea Martire
cinematography by: Antonio Capuano
film editing: Diego Liguori
art director: Flaviano Barbarisi
costumes designer: Francesca Balzano
music: Federico Odling
producer: Antonio Capuano, Gennaro Fasolino, Dario Formisano
co-producer: Andrea De Liberato, Emanuele Moretti
production: Eskimo SRL, Enjoy Movies
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