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by Jakub Šmíd


Johanka (27) spends all of her time in her café Laputa. Men come here leave again. Miki, a poet, leaves for Turkey with Johanka's sister; Johanka's old flame Felix returns from distant travels, forms a band and then flies off again to Puerto Rico, where he gets married. Futility stares out at Johanka from every beer mug and so she turns the café into a massage parlour. Apparently nothing has changed, but the cards say it clearly: she should take a look at her life from a distance and realise that this is me, this is my home and this is my family.

international title: Laputa
original title: Laputa
country: Czech Republic
sales agent: Summerside International
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Jakub Šmíd
film run: 93'
screenplay: Lucie Bokšteflová
cast: Tereza Voříšková, Marika Šopovská, Igor Orozovič, Petr Stach, Pavel Gajdoš, Luboš Veselý, Ivana Chýlková
cinematography by: Vidu Gunaratna
film editing: Tomáš Vrána
producer: Viktor Schwarcz, Veronika Schwarczová
production: Cineart Tv, Czech Television - Česká televize
distributor: Bioscop
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