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by Joaquin del Paso


It’s Friday morning at Panamerican Machinery Inc., a company specialized in selling and repairing machines for construction and destruction. The employees are already winding down for the weekend, engaging in little rituals and routines when an unexpected turn of events shakes their peaceful monotony. Don Alejandro, the boss, lies dead at the back of the warehouse. The discovery changes everything – the company is bankrupt, the elderly workforce have no prospects of employment elsewhere and no hope for any retirement funds. In a state of confusion, fear and grief they agree to lock themselves in their workplace.

international title: Panamerican Machinery
original title: Maquinaria Panamericana
country: Mexico, Poland
sales agent: Luxbox
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Joaquin del Paso
film run: 88'
screenplay: Lucy Pawlak, Jaime Romandia
cast: Javier Zaragoza, Irene Ramirez, Edmundo Mosqueira, Cecibon Garcia
cinematography by: Fredrik Olsson
film editing: Raúl Barreras
costumes designer: Yupanqui Ramos
music: Immanuel Miralda
producer: Joaquin del Paso, Susana Bernal
production: Terminal (MX)
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