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by Bernard Mazauric


1995. The Bosnian conflict is coming to an end but violence doesn’t stop between the two ethnic groups. The UN forces cannot prevent revenge, acts of cruelty and ferocities. Tracked by the militia, Irina and her father try to escape but when a sniper shoots her dad, Irina has to keep going on her own. She finds shelter in an isolated farm, home of a very religious Muslim Bosnian family, but she has a hard time getting accepted by them. While the conflict is calming down thanks to the UN and the Red Cross action, Irina takes part in the farm activities and becomes friend with the young Malik. But prejudice and resentment disturb the quiet family life and jeopardize the kids’ friendship. On a freezing night, as they attempt to escape through the Bosnian mountains scattered with land mines, they put their lives in great danger…

international title: Irina, the Scarlet Briefcase
original title: Irina, la mallette rouge
country: France
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Bernard Mazauric
film run: 87'
release date: FR 3/09/2014
screenplay: Bernard Mazauric
cast: Collin David Reese, Chrystelle Labaude, Anna Cottis, Patrick Dross, Patrick Albenque, Philippe Blancher, Marine Vincent, Richard Deiss, Lydia Chassaing, Axel Honounou, Aman Bains, Matthew Shanfari
cinematography by: Jean-Claude Aumont
art director: Benoît Leveque-Frances
costumes designer: Jaleh Falk
producer: Joël Maytie
production: Kedubonheur Productions, Kalimera Productions
distributor: Axxon Films
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