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by Freddy Mouchard


For three years, the director followed a few pilgrim's journey on Saint Jame's way, the most famous European pilgrimage. There are no paths to Compostela alike. No matter their age, their social background, their religious beliefs, each and everyone of them must overstep their limits and face their true self. These ordeals affect their inner-self as well as their body. Step after step, a new pace of life takes over, the path leads to new perceptions. Through repeated contact with wildlife, elements and other pilgrims, individuals reconnect with their true place. The way's alchemy spreads over. The pilgrim's journey finally comes to an end at Cape Finisterre by burning his old clothes. The old man vanishes, giving birth to the new man.

original title: Compostelle, le chemin de la vie
country: France, Switzerland, Spain
year: 2015
genre: documentary
directed by: Freddy Mouchard
film run: 96'
release date: FR 1/04/2015
screenplay: Freddy Mouchard
cinematography by: Freddy Mouchard
film editing: Pascal Daniel
music: Quentin Dujardin, Julie Mondor
producer: Freddy Mouchard
production: Betel Films
distributor: Betel Films, Cinéma Saint-André des Arts
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