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by Saara Cantell


The story of Anna (16) takes place on Åland Island in 1666, just as the most widespread and systematic witch hunts in Scandinavian history were beginning. In all, 16 women were convicted of being in league with the devil, and seven of them were executed. For Judge Psilander, who has mastered the newest witch theories of the time, the trials are meant to cleanse the island of superstition, and to let science and common sense prevail. The main character, the intelligent yet stubborn Anna, is afforded an intimate view of the events, having just started working as a maid in judge’s house. To Anna’s misfortune, she falls intensely in love with her friend Rakel’s husband Elias, but his infatuation with her quickly fades. A hurt and jealous Anna decides to get her revenge and falsely reports Rakel to Judge Psilander. It’s only when Rakel is arrested, and things get out of hand, that Anna realizes the gravity of her behaviour. This is the beginning of her lonely battle, a desperate attempt to right her wrongdoing.

international title: Devil's Bride
original title: Tulen morsian
country: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Latvia
sales agent: TrustNordisk
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Saara Cantell
release date: FI 03/09/2016
screenplay: Saara Cantell, Leena Virtanen
cast: Magnus Krepper, Antti Reini, Maria Sid, Claes Malmberg, Johanna Af Schulten
cinematography by: Konsta Sohlberg
film editing: Lars Gustafson, Malin Lindström
producer: Markku Flink
production: Gotafilm, Periferia Productions Oy, Schuberth International Film, Sun & Moon Pictures Intl, Pomor Film ANS
backing: The Finnish Film Institute, Swedish Film Institute, Norwegian Film Institute, Film3, Nordic Film & TV Fond, Åland regional government, Latvian National Film Centre, Riga Film Fund, the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, Church Media Foundation, Förening Konstsamfundet and in Co-operation with YLE.
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