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by Alli Haapasalo


Autumn Prince is a story about love so wild and strong it changes the course of one’s life forever. In 1980’s Helsinki, a city just about to burst with young energy and rebellion, two young writers determined to conquer the world fall madly in love. For Inka, their love affair puts everything in motion: she finds her own voice – and becomes a sensation. The intensity of their love has a different effect on Juhana, who starts to lose control. At the height of the relationship Inka starts to suspect that being madly in love may actually be driving Juhana mad.

international title: Love and Fury
original title: Syysprinssi
country: Finland
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Alli Haapasalo
release date: FI 28/10/2016
screenplay: Alli Haapasalo
cast: Laura Birn, Johannes Brotherus, Lauri Tilkanen, Paula Vesala, Johannes Holopainen
cinematography by: Rauno Ronkainen
film editing: Tuuli Kuittinen
art director: Kaisa Mäkinen
costumes designer: Karoliina Koiso-Kanttila
production: Solar Films Inc. Oy
distributor: Future Film Oy Ab
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