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by Licinio Azevedo


In 1989, Mozambique is a country ruined by civil war. The train that connects Nampula to Malawi is the only hope for people willing to risk their lives to exchange a few bags of salt for sugar. Running slowly over sabotaged tracks, the journey is filled with obstacles and violence. Mariamu, a frequent traveler, shares her trip with her friend Rosa, a nurse who is going to her new hospital, living the reality of war for the first time, Lieutenant Taiar, who only knows the reality of his military life, and another soldier, Salomão, with whom he doesn’t get along. Amongst bullets and laughter, stories of love and war unfold as the train advances towards the next stop.

international title: The Train of Salt and Sugar
original title: Comboio de Sal e Açucar
country: Portugal, Mozambique, France, South Africa, Brazil
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Licinio Azevedo
film run: 93'
screenplay: Licinio Azevedo, Teresa Pereira
cast: António Nipita, Sabina Fonseca, Tiago Justino, Melanie Rafael, Matamba Joaquim
cinematography by: Frédéric Serve
film editing: Willem Dias
art director: Nurodine Daude
costumes designer: Isabel Peres
music: João Schwalbach
producer: Pandora da Cunha Telles, Pablo Iraola
co-producer: Elias Ribeiro, Philippe Avril
production: Les Films de l'Étranger, Ukbar Filmes, Ebano Multimedia [MZ], Urucu Media [ZA]
distributor: Alambique
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