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by Katsuya Tomita


Bangkok, an endlessly expanding megalopolis. In its heart is Thaniya Road, a red-light district, frequented only by Japanese men. Luck is one of the reigning queens there. Living alone in a luxury apartment, she provides for her large family in the northeastern provinces, near the Laotian border. One day Luck comes across Ozawa, a Japanese client with whom she had fallen in love five years earlier. An ex-soldier with the Japanese Defense Army, he barely ekes out a living, and has a modest room on skid row. When Ozawa has to go to Laos, she accompanies him to introduce him to her family and childhood friends. During this short stay, weary of his life in Bangkok, Ozawa starts dreaming of a quiet life in this little village, but becomes aware of the scars left by colonialism.

international title: Bangkok Nites
original title: Bangkok Nites
country: Japan, France, Thailand, Laos
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Katsuya Tomita
film run: 183'
screenplay: Katsuya Tomita, Toranosuke Aizawa
cast: Subenja Pongkorn, Sunun Phuwiset, Sarinya Yongsawat, Tanyarat Kongphu, Chutlpha Promplang, Hitoshi Ito, Yohta Kawase
cinematography by: Masahiro Mukoyama, Takuma Furuya
costumes designer: Piya Niyom, Nunnaphat Wattanajaroenporn
music: Young-G, Soi48
production: Les Films de l'Étranger, Bangkok Planning [TH], Flying Pillow Films [JP], Kuzoku [JP], Lao Art Media [LA], Trixta [JP]
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