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by Cemil Ağacıklıoğlu


Driven into a spiral of debt because of his ambition, Tarık´s life begins to fall apart with the seizure orders issued for his home and workplace when he fails to pay his debts. Suffocating under the pressure from his bank and a loan shark, and on the brink of divorce with his wife, he intends to fight to the end. Selling the field back in his hometown is the last resort, and he visits his parents to persuade them. His father is unwilling at first, but with his mother´s insistence, accepts to let their son sell the field, the only remaining piece of land they own. The family urges him to take his younger brother Emre to İstanbul to help him out, and Tarık reluctantly heads to İstanbul with him. As the two brothers dig up unresolved events from their past and head into conflict, they are also drawn together closer than ever.

international title: The Field
original title: Tarla
country: Turkey
sales agent: Galata Film
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Cemil Ağacıklıoğlu
film run: 85'
screenplay: Cemil Ağacıklıoğlu
cast: Serkan Ercan, Ilgaz Kocatürk, Kenan Bal, Hale Akınlı, İlyas Özçakır
cinematography by: Cemil Ağacıklıoğlu
film editing: Orhan Örsman, Emel Kumbur
music: Dogan Duru
producer: Taha Altaylı, Sezgi Üstün San
production: Galata Film

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