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by Carlos Lechuga


Cuba 1983. Santa, 30, is a peasant who works on a state farm. Andrés is a homosexual writer considered by the government to suffer from “ideological problems”. As usual with the opponents of the revolution, every time there is a political event in the area, someone is sent to keep an eye on them and prevent them from kicking up some kind of public opposition. This time it’s Santa’s turn to keep watch. For three days in a row Santa sits at the door to Andrés’ cabin to supervise his every move.

international title: Santa & Andres
original title: Santa y Andrés
country: Cuba, Colombia, France
sales agent: Habanero Film Sales (BR)
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Carlos Lechuga
film run: 105'
screenplay: Carlos Lechuga
cast: Lola Amores, Eduardo Martínez, George Abreu, Luna Tinoco, Cesar Domínguez
cinematography by: Javier Labrador Deulofeu
film editing: Joanna Montero
music: Santiago Barbosa Cañón
producer: Claudia Calviño, Carlos Lechuga
co-producer: Samuel Chauvin, Gustavo Pazmín
production: Promenades Films, Producciones de la 5ta Avenida (CU), Igolai Producciones (CO)
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