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by Liviu Tipuriță


Filmmaker Liviu Tipuriță takes us into the heart of the astonishing world of Romania's super-rich Gypsy popstars - a world of fast cars, lavish houses and gangsters. The Roma community is one of the most marginalised and impoverished in Europe and for years their traditional music has been their most famous export. Now a new type of Gypsy sound called Manele has swept across the country. Manele stars can earn 20,000 euros a night at opulent weddings, with cash showered over them by guests. Their videos can get millions of hits on YouTube. Traditional musicians, like the world-famous Taraf de Haïdouks, once championed by Johnny Depp, claim that Manele has put them out of business and that the new genre is destroying the Gypsy music brand. This film explores an extraordinary social and cultural change through its soundtrack.

international title: The New Gypsy Kings
original title: The New Gypsy Kings
country: United Kingdom
year: 2016
genre: documentary
directed by: Liviu Tipuriță
film run: 60'
screenplay: Liviu Tipuriță
cinematography by: Liviu Tipuriță, Gary Clarke
film editing: Andrew C. Evans
producer: Liviu Tipuriță
production: BBC Films, BBC Television
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