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by Peder Hamdahl Næss


One day while lumbering in the forest, a huge tree crashes down on Fergie, damaging him severely. His magical spark plug his heart beats weaker and weaker. In a desperate attempt to save his buddys life, Gavin quickly transplants Fergies spark plug into Georges old sports car. At first, Fergie is anything but pleased at being a sports car, but gradually enjoys his new appearance.

international title: Little Grey Fergie - Full Throttle
original title: Gråtass gir gass
country: Norway
sales agent: Attraction Distribution [CA]
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Peder Hamdahl Næss
film run: 80'
release date: NO 9/09/2016
screenplay: Terje Solli, Alexander Eik
cast: Elias Søvold-Simonsen, Stein Winge, Jeppe Beck Laursen, Kyrre Hellum, Dagny Backer Johnsen
cinematography by: Michael Lavelle
film editing: Leif Axel Kjeldsen
art director: Patricia Douglas
costumes designer: Lyn Avery
producer: Silje Hopland Eik, Dominic Wright, Dyveke Bjørkly Graver
production: Cinenord Kidstory AS, Ripple World Pictures Ltd
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