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by Stefano Amatucci


The eponymous protagonist of the film is a former assassin. She is a xenophobic and violent person, her life has always been filled with hate towards those who don’t share the same physical or cultural features; chiefly immigrants and muslims. Her job during the summer is to guard the beach and pick up the corpses of illegal immigrants who have drowned off-shore in their desperate attempt to reach the coast earning petty cash for each body. It’s a lucrative business so she has to face the competition of many illegal corpse-collectors. Nahiri, a Tunisian man, is one of them. He works with a group of illegal immigrants, who snatches the corpses from Caina and sells them in the black market. In order to increase their profit, it is not rare that they drown those who survived but are too weak to fight for their lives. It’s a ruthless business in which, sometimes, the opposites attract.

international title: Caina
original title: Caina
country: Italy
sales agent: Filmexport Group
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Stefano Amatucci
film run: 75'
screenplay: Stefano Amatucci, Davide Morganti
cast: Luisa Amatucci, Helmi Dridi, Isa Danieli, Gabriele Saurio
cinematography by: Roberta Allegrini, Rocco Marra
film editing: Paco Centomani
art director: Massimiliano Forlenza
costumes designer: Teresa Acone
music: Vito Ranucci
producer: Salvatore Suarato, Daniele Tomassetti, Fabio Tomassetti
production: Déjà Vu Production, Movieland
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