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by Giacomo Lesina


A young woman awakens to find herself inside the four walls of a garage. Walls that appear innocuous like much of the places in a large metropolis, but which now separate her from everyone and everything. In this small space, an automobile emits carbon dioxide; a gas which one inhales without noticing every day when on the street. A gas that seems harmless, but inside this place, becomes deadly as it saturates the environment. The woman is no different from many others, affections, work, projects for the future, except for the fact that she is suddenly deprived of her freedom. Something which, up to now, has been unthinkable for her. Exactly at the moment she has decided to make a change in her life.

international title: In the Box
original title: In the Box
country: Italy
sales agent: Filmexport Group
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Giacomo Lesina
film run: 81'
release date: IT 23/04/2015
screenplay: Germano Tarricone
cast: Antonia Liskova, Niccolò Alaimo, Jonathan Silvestri
cinematography by: Bruno Cascio
film editing: Marcello Saurino
art director: Massimo Spano
costumes designer: Walter Azzini
music: Fabio Enrico Cortese
producer: Massimo Spano, Pierfrancesco Fiorenza
production: Michelangelo Film, Produzione Straordinaria, Una vita tranquilla
distributor: Istituto Luce Cinecittà
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