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by Tommaso Mottola


Destiny of an Actress - Norwegian actress Gorild Mauseth is challenged by the almost impossible task of playing Anna Karenina in a language she never spoke and in the authors home country. She embarks on a journey to learn Russian and discover the real reasons why Tolstoy wrote the novel. What Gorild does not know is that Anna Karenina will become the role of her life and change her forever.

international title: Karenina & I
original title: Karenina & I
country: Norway
year: 2017
genre: docu-fiction
directed by: Tommaso Mottola
film run: 85'
release date: NO 24/02/2017, IT 9/03/2019
screenplay: Tommaso Mottola, Gørild Mauseth
cast: Gørild Mauseth, Liam Neeson, Sonia Bergamasco, Baltazar, Evgeniia Guliashcheva, Valentin Zaporozhets, Evgeny Veigel, Vladislav Yaskin, Kristina Babchenko
cinematography by: Andreas Ausland, Tommaso Mottola, Gleb Teleshov
film editing: Michal Leszczylowski
music: Philip Glass, Michael Nyman, Lars Årdal
producer: Gørild Mauseth
production: Orto Polare AS
distributor: Tour De Force AS
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