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by Mariam Khatchvani


Dina lives in a remote village high in the Georgian mountains where traditions have remained the same for centuries. Her marriage has been arranged but when handsome Gegi returns from war, she falls in love with him and they elope. Four years later Dina is estranged from her family but lives happily with Geigi and their child. Then Gigi is tragically killed. In traditional Svaneti culture a widow must marry the first man who asks for her hand, so when Girshel proposes, Dina is forced to leave her home and little boy behind forever. However, when Moses falls deathly ill, Girshel fights through the treacherous winter snow to get the life saving medicine. In the end Dina’s, along with Girshel, defies years of tradition and takes her child with her back to Ushguli.

original title: Dede
country: Georgia, United Kingdom, Croatia, Qatar
sales agent: Wide Management
year: 2016
genre: fiction
directed by: Mariam Khatchvani
film run: 87'
release date: GR 21/12/2017, ES 1/06/2018
screenplay: Mariam Khatchvani, Vladimer Katcharava, Irakli Solomonashvili
cast: George Babluani, Natia Vibliani, Mose Khachvani, Girshel Chelidze, Nukri Khachvani
cinematography by: Konstantin Esadze
film editing: Levan Kukhashvili
art director: Mamuka Esadze
costumes designer: Katevan Kalandadze
music: Tako Jordania
producer: Mike Downey, Vladimer Katcharava, Igor Nola, Sam Taylor
production: 20 Steps Production, Film and Music Entertainment (F&ME), MP Films
distributor: New Star, Pacopoch Cinema

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