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by Kornél Mundruczó


A young immigrant is shot down while illegally crossing the border. Terrified and in shock, wounded Aryan can now mysteriously levitate at will. Thrown into a refugee camp, he is smuggled out by Dr Stern, intent on exploiting his extraordinary secret. Pursued by enraged camp director Laszlo, the fugitives remain on the move in search of safety and money. Inspired by Ayran's amazing powers, Stern takes a leap of faith in a world where miracles are trafficked for small change...

international title: Jupiter's Moon
original title: Felesleges ember
working title: Superfluous Man
country: Hungary, Germany
sales agent: The Match Factory
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Kornél Mundruczó
film run: 100'
release date: FR 22/11/2017, HU 8/06/2017, CZ 26/04/2018, PL 26/01/2018, NO 10/11/2017, NL 2/11/2017, UK 5/01/2018, EE 18/05/2018, FI 1/06/2018, SE 1/06/2018, PT 7/06/2018, IT 12/07/2018
screenplay: Kornél Mundruczó, Kata Wéber
cast: Merab Ninidze, György Cserhalmi, Mónika Balsai, Zsombor Jéger, Natasa Stork
cinematography by: Marcell Rév
film editing: Dávid Jancsó
art director: Márton Ágh
costumes designer: Sabine Greunig
music: Jed Kurzel
producer: Viktória Petrányi
production: Proton Cinema, Match Factory Productions
backing: Hungarian National Film Fund, Eurimages
distributor: Pyramide Distribution, Future Film Oy Ab, Ama Films, Filmfreak Distributie, Wanda Visión, Alambique, Gutek Film, Movies Inspired
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