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by Iglika Triffonova


In an attempt to help two of his patients, the psychiatrist Paskalev sets up their encounter. A young boy, hospitalized after his second suicide attempt and a woman, who has just been told that her illness is terminal, meet in the hospital lift. What could happen in the narrow space for the few minutes lift travel from eight to first floor? May be nothing. But may be the infinite love of the woman for her son can touch the desolate stranger boy and bring him back to life. And if the boy wishes to live, may be the woman will gain courage to face the thought of her death. May be.

international title: Lift for Patients
original title: Asans’or za patsienti
country: Bulgaria
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Iglika Triffonova
film run: 89'
screenplay: Iglika Triffonova
cast: Hristo Garbov, Svetlana Yancheva, Boika Velkova, Angelina Slavova, Yordan Bikov, Slava Doicheva, Mak Marinov, Alexander Benev, Tihomir Paunov
cinematography by: Krum Rodriguez
film editing: Elena Seimenova
art director: Elena Stoyanova
costumes designer: Elena Stoyanova
music: Vasil Gurov
producer: Rossitsa Valkanova
production: Klas Films/ Phanta Vision

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