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by Arthur de Pins, Alexis Ducord


Zombillenium, the Halloween theme park, happens to be the one place on earth where real monsters can hide in plain sight. When Hector, a human, threatens to disclose the true identity of his employees, the Vampire Park Manager has no other choice but to hire him. To see his daughter, Hector must escape from his Zombies and Werewolves coworkers.

international title: Zombillenium
original title: Zombillénium
country: France, Belgium
sales agent: Urban Sales
year: 2017
genre: animation
directed by: Arthur de Pins, Alexis Ducord
film run: 80'
release date: FR 18/10/2017
screenplay: Arthur de Pins, Alexis Ducord
film editing: Benjamin Massoubre
art director: Arthur de Pins
music: Mathieu Monnaert, Éric Neveux
producer: Léon Pérahia, Henri Magalon
co-producer: Mat Bastard, Marc Bonny, Arnauld Boulard, Azmina Goulamaly
production: Maybe Movies, Belvision, 2 Minutes, Dupuis Audiovisuel, France 3 Cinéma, Gao Shan Pictures, Gebeka Films, Pipangaï Production
distributor: Gebeka Films, O'Brother Distribution

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