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by Daniele Maggioni, Laura Perini, Maria Grazia Perria


The film chronicles the life and the ideas of Antonio Gramsci in his own words, through his Letters and his Prison Notebooks. The focus is on the last ten years of his life, which he spent in prison. A double prison: concrete and material but also intangible, imaginary. A tough and harsh ordeal. Nevertheless, the reflections he elaborated during his prison years left an indelible mark in the contemporary philosophical thought. The scenic space of his life in jail is also shown as a mental space, an almost abstract dimension that expands and contracts depending on his mood. Gramsci the prisoner struggles, debates, remembers. In his cell, his memories and his ghosts materialize. The film displays a layered structure whose levels intersect though conceptual links and mutual resonances.

international title: In the Great and Terrible World
original title: Nel mondo grande e terribile
country: Italy
year: 2017
genre: documentary
directed by: Daniele Maggioni, Laura Perini, Maria Grazia Perria
film run: 80'
release date: IT 23/03/2017
screenplay: Daniele Maggioni, Laura Perini, Maria Grazia Perria
cast: Maryna Bondarenko, Lorenzo Cossu, Senio Dattena, Corrado Giannetti, Anita Kravos, Alessandro Pani, Fausto Siddi
cinematography by: Paolo Carboni
film editing: Andrea Lotta, Daniele Maggioni
art director: Pietro Rais
costumes designer: Stefania Grilli, Salvatore Aresu
music: Massimo Ferra
producer: Salvatore Cubeddu
production: Terra De Punt
backing: Istituto Gramsci Sardegna, Sardegna Teatro, Casa Museo di Antonio Gramsci, Casa Natale di Antonio Gramsci, Cineteca Sarda
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