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by Gilles Coulier


In the cold waters of the North Sea, Leon Broucke falls overboard his fishing boat right before the eyes of his eldest son, Jean. The old man slips into a deep coma, leaving his son behind with a huge debt and the responsibility of the family business. The absence of his father sets off an aftershock of conflicts between him and his two brothers. Francis is torn between his family and leaving with his secret lover. William returns home to escape his life of crime, and redeem himself. Desperate to build a future for his 8-year-old son, Jean recriminates his brother for his criminal past. Cargo is a story about how desperation can bring a family to the edge of destruction.

international title: Cargo
original title: Cargo
country: Belgium, Netherlands, France
sales agent: Wide Management
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Gilles Coulier
film run: 91'
release date: BE 13/09/2017
screenplay: Gilles Coulier, Tom Dupont
cast: Sam Louwyck, Wim Willaert, Josse de Pauw, Mathias Sercu, Sebastien Dewaele, Koen De Sutter, Mieke Dobbels, Wennie De Ruyck, Luc Dufourmont, Chiel Vande Vyvere, Roland Van Campenhout
cinematography by: David Williamson
film editing: Tom Denoyette
art director: Philippe Bertin
costumes designer: Charlotte Goethals, Valérie Leroy
music: Liesa Van der Aa
producer: Gilles Coulier, Wouter Sap
co-producer: Gijs Determeijer, Gijs Kerbosch, Roel Oude Nijhuis
executive producer: Gilles De Schryver
line producer: Bart Van Dijck
production: De Wereldvrede, Halal, ChevalDeuxTrois
distributor: Dutch FilmWorks
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