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by Roderick Warich


Salisa is Thai. Salisa is twenty. 2557 is her Film. These are her memories. Memories of the way the soil smells after the rain. Long nights in the barbaric clubs and alleys of Krung Thep. Her friends are Thais, but also expats, small-time crooks all of them. Memories of a love triangle, of theft and betrayal. Memories of paranoia just before the military coup. Memories of murder and a getaway. A journey that ends on the dusty plains of Isaan. The ghosts of 2557.

original title: 2557
country: Germany
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Roderick Warich
film run: 111'
cast: Leonel Dietsche, Surabig Soho Dokkathum, Wason Dokkathum, Chatchai Hongsirikun, Theeraset Rienkengsurakarn, Awita Rueangchang, Jan Silberberg, Salisa Thammabut
cinematography by: Timm Kröger
film editing: Stephan Bechinger, Denys Darahan, Roderick Warich
producer: Dominik Rockenmaier
executive producer: Dominik Rockenmaier, Roderick Warich
production: 2557-Films
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