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by Drazen Kuljanin


It has been five years since Swedish couple Nina and Oskar's seven-year-old daughter went missing on a vacation in Montenegro. The father has come to terms with the tragedy and moved on to a new life. The mother's hope of finding her daughter alive has transformed into an obsession - she wants nothing but to find and punish the monster that caused her so much pain. A new lead from a local policeman takes her back to Montenegro infused with new hope of revenge. The policeman is aware that Nina is not going to let the case rest and has come to a point where she no longer cares if the person in question is guilty or not. Somebody has to pay. A revenge told in 20 cigarettes.

international title: A Balkan Noir
original title: A Balkan Noir
country: Sweden, Montenegro
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Drazen Kuljanin
film run: 74'
screenplay: Drazen Kuljanin
cast: Disa Östrand, Srdjan Grahovac, Johannes Kuhnke, Sergej Trifunovic, Ana Sofrenovic, Jelena Simic, Claes-Håkan Carlsson, Slavisa Curovic
cinematography by: Anna Patarakina
film editing: Drazen Kuljanin
art director: Emma Sofia Wahlberg
music: Caroline Karpinska
producer: Drazen Kuljanin
co-producer: Jonas Sörensson, Nikola Vukcevic
production: Film Facility, Way Creative Films AB, Galileo Production
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