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by Sarah Vanhee


A consistently out-of-focus visual record tracking seven men as they discuss the screenplay for a film about the life path of Tom, a young murderer who, after twelve years in prison, returns to the village where he lived, and tries to prove – to himself and others – that he has changed. The camera slides down the walls, snoops between chair legs, and captures useless details of the individual body parts of the participating figures. The schematic story of Tom’s guilt, punishment, and new beginning, which the film’s director guides her consultants through step by step, gradually gains in plasticity and becomes a surprisingly effective tool for thinking about the image of a criminal and the concept of justice.

international title: The Making of Justice
original title: Tvoření Spravedlnosti
country: Belgium
year: 2017
genre: documentary
directed by: Sarah Vanhee
film run: 60'
cinematography by: Fairuz
film editing: Jan De Coster
producer: Sarah Vanhee
production: Manyone
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