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by Fawzi Saleh


Twenty-eight-year-old Taheya works as a washroom cleaner, and lives with her 22-year-old brother Saqr in a tannery neighbourhood. While Saqr has plans to find a life outside his hellish job in one of the tanneries, Taheya hopes to keep him near her. Despite his love for his sister, Saqr does not bow to the pressure she puts on him and begins a relationship with Nahed, a young medical student. Despondent at the new distance between herself and her brother, Taheya turns to magic to bring Saqr back and threatens to kill Nahed. When Saqr returns, Taheya seems happy despite the coldness between them – but she cannot escape the idea that her brother still wants to abandon her.

international title: Poisonous Roses
original title: Warada masmum
country: Egypt, France, Qatar
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Fawzi Saleh
film run: 70'
screenplay: Fawzi Saleh
co-producer: Karim Aitouna, Thomas Micoulet
executive producer: Eman Hemeda
production: Haut les mains, Albatrik Art Productions (EG)
backing: Egyptian Ministery of culture, SANAD (Abu Dhabi Film Festival), AFAC (Lebanon), Doha Film Institute.
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