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by Andy Bausch


When the elderly folk don’t behave like their children would prefer, the latter cannot cope at all. They have enough trouble trying to keep their own children in check, and now the old codgers are rattling their cages as well. Fons (70), Lull (82), Nuckes (65) and Jängi (84) have spent their entire lives not letting themselves be bossed around, and they have no intention of putting up with it now. Together, the four gentlemen plan their futures without an old people’s home. Nuckes is the leading force. As an old ’68 protester, he knows how to organize dissent, but all of this is easier said than done!

international title: Rusty Boys
original title: Rusty Boys
country: Luxembourg
sales agent: Paul Thiltges Distributions
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Andy Bausch
film run: 90'
release date: LU 25/01/2017, DE 4/01/2018
screenplay: Andy Bausch
cast: André Jung, Marco Lorenzini, Paul Greisch, Fernand Fox, Josiane Peiffer, Monique Reuter, Myriam Muller, Pitt Simon, Marie Jung, Valérie Bodson
cinematography by: Carlo Thiel
art director: Sylvia Kasel
costumes designer: Caroline Koener
music: Jeannot Sanavia
producer: Paul Thiltges
executive producer: Adrien Chef
production: Paul Thiltges Distributions
distributor: Paul Thiltges Distributions, Camino Filmverleih
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