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by David Holroyd


2002: A low grade MI6 desk officer inadvertently discovers deliberate flaws in the evidence being compiled to invade Iraq, and tries to expose the truth.

original title: W.M.D.
country: United Kingdom
sales agent: Independent Film Company
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: David Holroyd
film run: 113'
release date: UK 15/10/2009
screenplay: David Holroyd
cast: Robert Cambrinus, Glenn Conroy, Somi De Souza, Emily Denniston, Jason Durran, Henry Everett, Edward Jaspers, Jo-Anne Knowles, Simon Lenagan, Mitchell Mullen
cinematography by: Steve Buckland
film editing: Celia Haining
art director: James Lees
costumes designer: Nadia Dunn-Hill
music: Samuel Sim, Chris White
producer: Christine Hartland, David Holroyd
line producer: Maria Gefke, Dana S. Wilson
production: Patchwork Productions
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