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by Jorge Cramez


Marta and Jorge have been a couple for seven years. All their friends think they are living a perfect romance. Too perfect, perhaps, for the despair of all: Bruno, who is much younger than Marta but madly in love with her; Lígia, who is Bruno¹s sister and Marta¹s best friend and would love to see her brother happy; Carlos, Jorge¹s friend, who maintains a superficial romance with Lígia while secretly in love with Marta; and for Jorge himself, who is afraid this idyllic romance will emprision him and, convinced that his love and his lover¹s desire to marry will take away his freedom, decides to show her the way into Carlos arms.

original title: Amor Amor
country: Portugal
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Jorge Cramez
film run: 107'
release date: PT 8/02/2018
screenplay: Jorge Cramez, Edmundo Cordeiro, Tiago do Carmo Vaz
cast: Ana Moreira, Jaime Freitas, Margarida Vila-Nova, Nuno Casanovas, Guilherme Moura, Joana de Verona, Maya Booth, Eduardo Frazão, Paulo Calatré, Pedro Frias
cinematography by: João Ribeiro
film editing: Tomás Baltazar, Jorge Cramez, José Rito
costumes designer: Yara Jerónimo
producer: Joana Ferreira, Isabel Machado
production: C.R.I.M. Productions
distributor: NOS Audiovisuais
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