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by Ralf Huettner


Summer holidays are over and it's time for a reunion between the boys from Shiverstone Castle and the girls from the Rosenfels School. Their rivalry continues when they face off at the annual competition held at Lake Kapell. Yet their antics are cut short when Count Shiverstone's blimp crashes. With the Count recovering, the school suddenly is at the brink of financial ruin. His cousin Kuno comes up with a solution; selling to a Chinese investor who wants to move the estate to China where it is supposed to become a medieval theme park. When the boys realize what is about to happen, they hear of a long-forgotten treasure. Maybe this way they can save the castle – but is this treasure just a myth or is it real? This time, the kids have to stand together to save their beloved Castle.

international title: Shiverstone Castle 2
original title: Burg Schreckenstein II - Küssen (nicht) verboten
country: Germany
sales agent: Beta Cinema
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Ralf Huettner
film run: 100'
release date: DE 7/12/2017
screenplay: Christian Limmer, Simon Hauschild
cast: Henning Baum, Alexander Beyer, Eloi Christ, Paula Donath, Ken Duong, Benedict Glöckle, Nina Goceva, Caspar Kryzsch, Maurizio Magno, Jasmin Barbara Mairhofer
cinematography by: Armin Dierolf
film editing: Kai Schröter
art director: Maike Althoff, Michael Köning
costumes designer: Stefanie Bruhn
music: Andrej Melita
producer: Annie Brunner, Andreas Richter, Alexis Wittgenstein, Ursula Woerner
production: Roxy Film, Violet Pictures, TMG-Tele München Gruppe
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