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by Giorgio Amato


What would happen today in a society which defines itself Catholic and Christian if Jesus really came back as announced in the Gospels? Who would take him seriously? And what difficulties would Jesus encounter today to be recognized?

international title: Oh My God!
original title: Oh mio Dio!
country: Italy
sales agent: Ellipsis Media International
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Giorgio Amato
film run: 95'
release date: IT 26/03/2018
screenplay: Giorgio Amato
cast: Carlo Caprioli, Giulia Gualano, Anna Maria De Luca, Stefano Fregni, Daniele Monterosi, Mimmo Ruggiero, Vanni Fois, Dario Masciello, Alessio De Persio, Federico Melis
cinematography by: Bruno Cascio
film editing: Giorgio Amato
art director: Vito Zito
costumes designer: Electra Del Gaudio
music: Eugenio Vicedomini
producer: Giorgio Amato
production: Haka Film
distributor: Easy Cinema
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