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by Max Kestner


Three Danish polar scientists tragically lost their lives during an expedition to North-Eastern Greenland from 1906-08. Only one of them was found. More than a hundred years later the mystery and tragedy still nags indomitable amateur historian Steffen Holberg, who is absolutely determined to solve it. With help from knowledgeable people, professional experts and state archives, he moves ever deeper into the rugged terrain between truth and myth, fiction and reality to find out what happened - if he can. Mylius-Erichsen, Høgh Hagen, and Jørgen Brønlund died in the wilderness, but the expedition's search team only found Brønlund's dead body and did not even look for the other two. But why not? In his poetic and imaginative signature style, Max Kestner pays tribute to Holberg's curiosity and to the fundamental human desire to satisfy it. 'Every time you move closer, new worlds appear,' says Kestner about his own working method. That movement is performed with humour and grace in his new film.

international title: Bad Circumstances
original title: Slette omstændigheder
country: Denmark
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Max Kestner
film run: 60'
producer: Henrik Veileborg
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