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by Francesca Mazzoleni


"Succede" is the intense journal of the emotions and feelings of Margherita and her friends, four teenagers who share everything: the Milanese dawn, a shelter on a rooftop, the blue sneakers, the jeans shirt, the music in their ears, school and their first kisses. There is that and more in this movie: a love and frienship story in that special moment of our life which it is the adolescence, when every events is extremely important, every emotion is absolute, where future and past don't find their place because the only time that counts is the present.

international title: That's Life
original title: Succede
country: Italy
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Francesca Mazzoleni
release date: IT 5/04/2018
screenplay: Francesca Mazzoleni, Paola Mammini, Pietro Seghetti
cast: Margherita Morchio, Matteo Oscar Giuggioli, Matilde Passera, Brando Pacitto, Francesca Inaudi, Giampiero Judica, Giovanni Anzaldo
cinematography by: Valerio Azzali
producer: Francesca Cima, Nicola Giuliano
production: Warner Bros Entertainment Italia, Indigo Film
distributor: Warner Bros Italy
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