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by Valerio Attanasio


Antonio is a trainee lawyer who dreams of joining his mentor’s prestigious firm. But Salvatore “Toti” Bellastella, the Prince of the Forum, is also an exploitative tyrant! He asks Antonio any kind of task: from being his assistant to driver, from paralegal to personal cook! When Antonio brilliantly passes the bar, he gets the offer of becoming a partner in the firm, but there is still one condition: he must marry Isabel, Toti’s lover, an Argentinian girl who needs the Italian citizenship. It looks like just another little “favor” for his boss. So Antonio accepts... and he’s really in a sea of trouble.

international title: The Handyman
original title: Il tuttofare
country: Italy
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Valerio Attanasio
film run: 98'
release date: IT 19/04/2018, CZ 23/05/2019
screenplay: Valerio Attanasio
cast: Sergio Castellitto, Clara Alonso, Elena Sofia Ricci, Domenico Centamore, Beatrice Schiros, Guglielmo Poggi, Mimmo Mignemi, Daniele Monterosi, Alberto Di Stasio, Luca Avagliano
cinematography by: Ferran Paredes
film editing: Giuseppe Trepiccione
art director: Luca Servino
costumes designer: Andrea Cavalletto
music: Aldo De Scalzi, Pivio
executive producer: Olivia Sleiter
production: Wildside
distributor: Vision Distribution, Mirius
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