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by Luca Biglione


With irony and without rhetoric, Stato Di Ebbrezza deals with the issue of alcoholism through a real story, that of renowned cabaret artist Maria Rossi. Previous football player, homosexual, her subtle and brilliant talent in discovering the positive and funny side in people's behaviors and life's situations, will allow her to survive and successfully overcome her addiction, spreading her hunger for joy. The dark path of rehabilitation she has to face during her coercive hospitalization, will let her meet with Beatrice who will share her inner universe to get the force to react.

original title: Stato di ebbrezza
country: Italy
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Luca Biglione
release date: IT 24/05/2018
screenplay: Luca Biglione, Maddalena De Panfilis
cast: Francesca Inaudi, Melania Dalla Costa, Antonia Truppo, Daniela Miglietta, Marco Cocci, Elisabetta Pellini, Andrea Roncato, Fabio Troiano, Emanuela Grimalda, Nicola Nocella
cinematography by: Blasco Giurato
film editing: Carlo Balestrieri
art director: Michela Papas
costumes designer: Sandra Cardini, Stefano Ciammitti
producer: Claudio Bucci
production: Stemo Production
distributor: Stemo
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