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by Aliki Danezi-Knutsen, Antje Traue, Master Tang Tung Wing


When Cleo - born on a very auspicious day in the Chinese calendar - turns 18, she finds out that the Chinese mafia murdered her father. Outraged, she goes to Athens' Chinatown to confront the killers but soon realizes that in order to take her revenge she first has to face her own dark destiny.

original title: Chinatown: The Three Shelters
country: Cyprus, Greece
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Aliki Danezi-Knutsen, Antje Traue, Master Tang Tung Wing
film run: 91'
screenplay: Aliki Danezi-Knutsen
cast: Richard Ng, Yannis Stankoglou, Themis Bazaka, Nicholas Goh, Koulis Nikolaou, Katerina Misichroni, Chris Li, Jacqueline Chang
cinematography by: Vladimir Subotic
film editing: Kenan Akkawi
art director: Bryce Tibbey
costumes designer: Stelios F. Stylianou
music: Christina Georgiou, George Solonos
producer: Anna Tsiarta
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